Heidy Ramos

Heidy Ramos

Collective Poems

Last Journey

Deep in his sleep
Soldier decorated with Honor
Purple Heart and beyond
He is raise in early morning dew
Misty clouds cover the earth
He was gently held
With tender hand
Dress like a soldier
Who is ready for combat...?
He roams the earth with emptiness’
Never stop for a rest
A Nurse Aid is his Beacon
To guide him, his next mission
He engulf the food without a taste
He drinks the water in haste
He walks the walks
Never ending Walks
He lay in bed peacefully
Breathing hard, rattling noise
It scares me deep
I held his hand tenderly
He looks at me
He smile, Peaceful smile
And he took his last breath
I wrap his hand
Across his chest
I bath him, with gentleness
I gag his jaw
To make it straight
I close his eyes gently
And I drape him with white cloth
To send him away on his last journey.

  A Lie

Don’t open your eyes
Only listen to his voice
He promise, to deliver
The earth is on his palms
Don’t open your eyes
You could only hear
His elegant, vibrant voice
It bounces up high
Don’t open your eyes
He whispers empty promises
His higher than you
Don’t open your eyes
He cloaks you
With his warm caress
And thirst of lust
Don’t open your eyes
He is intelligent than you
His learning power
Is beyond you
Don’t open your eyes
He murmurs, I am yours
He devour your soul
Don’t open your eyes
Your heart is breaking
His mouth on hers
His mind is yours
Don’t open your eyes
He deliver a lie
He knelt in front of you
Spoken of sweetness
But its bitter of taste
Don’t open your eyes
Not only he devours your soul
But he also wants you

On fire
don’t open your eyes
your heart forbade you.


Two Faces

You succumb yourself in the tunnel
Darkest step, you plan ahead
Not knowing the ending
You work as a team
Smiling faces
Giggling together
Excitement you couldn’t explain
You start your day
With sharing family thoughts
They listen with a thought
You try to comprehend
Emptiness of their facial look
Discerning what it meant.
You look around
Their facial expressions are blank
But you mumbled in a frank
As you turn your back
They gather themselves whispering
And you turn around