Heidy Ramos

Heidy Ramos

Heidy Ramos


The island where I grew up held much adventure. Along with the bountiful and lush greenery, exotic fruits, heavenly gardens, and beautiful beaches—I experienced much pain and confusion throughout my childhood.
This is my story. I wrote it to inspire my children to never give up on each other and love each other—come what may.
I pray that future mothers will never abandon their children— no matter what the circumstances may be. God always has a way to make things right.

My Work:   

My Grandma is a Healer Witch!

 A chilling, scary story that defects  human emotion. This story have a little twist.

Whale, Whale, GO AWAY!

A sweet story of the day in the beach full of wonders, treasures and friends.


Coming soon -Tate Publishing Enterprise, LLC

My Brother Renato-My Hero

When time is vital that in a moment you are engulf with water and tidal waves, you could only hope and wish for a hero.

When Forest, Ocean, Meets Jesus

This is about a journey of a little girl. Her fight over child abuse and neglect.

Meeting You Beyond The Horizon.

Its about expectation, downgrading it to the reality of Life. In our lives we always tend to forget what is really the meaning of happiness-sometimes its just right in front of you. A woman's journey on finding happiness, love, belonging, acceptance and settling what is basic.

Under The Shasta Garden

Two friends who rescue a birds nest.


Kindness is precious that need to be shared. Long ago when we take this road, each turn we meet a friend, we also take the memories alive. This is the story of a woman's work, her existence and the people she meet and the patient she serves.

Blind Street-Kalyebulag

A village of blind people who's Faith is put to the test to combat an evil Witch. This story is inspired from the village i grew-up. A village that is shape like a clock.

So I Married A Brahmin

Its a story of cultural differences, caste system in America, a true love story, a roller-coaster ride, deception, forgiveness and acceptance. A womans fight to overcome all her adversaries.