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When I close my eyes

I see Adonis

Lingers in my thighs



As I parted my lips

I wanted more

Delicacies of sweetness


The warmth of his lips

Burns like inferno

Though fiery lingers

to the cascading waterfalls


OH, sweet embrace

Warmth my heart

I felt like I''m sinking

Into Peninsula


Tiptoeing towards

Islands no one dares

Here you are

In my warmth embrace

engulf with my madness


Then I returned  your

gazed melted to my thighs



Only longed for more

In the heat, rhythmic music of passion

I slowly swallowed the joy


I gazed up above so

you can come down

to meet me briefly,


I melted to your arms

Gazing again to the twinkle of your eyes

Silence, only silence

As I'm listen to your heartbeat


A horse just came out of nowhere

Kicking like a King

Adoring sights

Magnificent He is


Run's free

In the wild

Then green pasture

that turned brown


Where Adonis stood proud

Reaching my heart

that flutters his blood

Then he understood

Heidy Ramos

The sisters

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 This is a picture with my sisters in it and I have grown up to be quite a gentlemen because of these three. And growing up with them wasn’t easy, like their girls the term girls always win did come to mind a lot when I lived with all three of them. You go through a lot when you’re the only guy with all sisters. I mean just to start your day basically these three took all the hot water in the shower its safe to say that I had very few hot showers growing up. But despite the many downfalls I actually enjoyed growing up with three you get great advice from them to understand the opposite sex. Still till this day even though growing up with girls I still am clueless on how girls can be but I feel I have better advantage then most guys so it’s a plus. Also these are the most exciting people to be around and there so funny and I will do anything in my power to make them happy.

By:Patrick Mahady(son)


Smile Alot

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By:Patrick Mahady(son) 

This is me basically I am always smiling no matter what. This picture you look at it and go smiley face. I have been told that I am always smiling so I just state that I have a smiley face as a face. I have a lot of happy thoughts and it does put a smile on my face. I go through out my life with this face probably over 90 percent looking like this. I do get upset but its really rare. Even if I’m in a big hole I just end up happy look at the positive aspects of life. I keep a good sense of humor about everything.


Protective big brother

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By: Patrick Mahady(son) 

Now I have been told that I am a very good big brother to my little sister Shannon but I haven’t really noticed until like a month ago. This is a picture of me and her in New York City and I am holding hands with her. By looking at my sister’s body language she’s looks really excited. I always thought that little kids hate when they have to hold someone’s hand but Shannon has no problem holding my hand. It makes me really happy that my younger sibling loves me because it’s rare. I always see younger sibling annoyed with older sibling and older annoyed with the younger. Well for me and Shannon were probably best friends.






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By: Patrick Mahady(Son) 

Now life is something everyone should envy. People do get bitter about life and I sometimes do but right after I feel guilty about talking about the negatives in life and getting all upset. This picture as a huge city with the a bright sun passing its light through it. This shows that life is very similar to this picture, in everyone’s aspect about life is like their own city which it is its filled with people and tall building representing the biggest positive thing about you. And the sun passing through it is like showing that life is warm and it is so bright and happy. If everyone can look at themselves like this there wouldn’t be any trouble on being happy. I always tell myself no matter how bad a situation can turn out and if you get smallest prize out of everyone else, no matter what with all the negatives tell yourself that you alive and that is simply just marvelous.


My mom?s a writer

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This is the cover of the book my mom wrote and I can’t comprehend still that my mom wrote a book and got published. Like that’s very unique I think. She made this picture herself and I’m just proud of her basically my moms been through a lot and this definitely a surprise. This shows that my mom has achieved something great that most don’t this world. When I look at this book it makes me so happy that she is mom.

By: Patrick Mahady(son)


Something I dreamed of being

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By:Patrick Mahady 

Basketball is really one of the more fun things I have ever done. I never really pursued the talent I had for it, I never tried out for school. But I play this sport a lot any where. I just love the feeling of being on the court running and jumping around. I love the noise it makes when you make a basket that swish noise. Also it more fun when you create a great chemistry with the people you playing with. It is more fun when it comes down to team sport during games. Also thinking about this sport makes feel kind of ashamed because I gained a lot of talent just by playing with random people. I’ve been told that I have really good skills for this sport and I never used them for an actual organized team.


LOVE, ?????, What Has That To do with anything? ?IT?s just another Second Hand Emotion.?

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By: Louise Decuir



SAYS, “Jurors 1 to 6, please be seated on the front row, and Alternate Juror No. 1,

Be seated next to Juror #6).


Jurors 7 to 12, please be seated on the next row, and alternate Juror #2, be seated

Next to Juror #12.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Courtroom of JUDGE ALBERT JAMES HENRY, who

will take the Bench shortly. Before he does, I will go over certain procedures that you must follow.


Absolutely, no talking, no whispering, no passing notes, once the judge is seated at his



Anyone that will speak has been given a microphone.


Note writing and/or passing notes is only permissible when you did not hear, or if you need clarification of what either of the attorneys or their witness might have said.


Write your question on your notepad, hand it to me and I will see that the appropriate

party receives it.


This is a “CIVIL CASE” and you have been selected to settle a dispute between the two parties, specifically, the Plaintiff states, Love is just another second hand emotion, and

the Defense states, Love is much more than a Second Hand Emotion..






(Juror #3 raises her hand)


Baliff: Juror #3, do you have a question?


Juror #3: (Juror #3 raises her hand)


Baliff: Juror #3, do you have a question?


Juror #3: Yes, what is the difference between a Civil Case and a Criminal Case?


Baliff: Big difference, a very big difference. No one goes to jail, bjut the party that

Loses might have various charges to pay.


In this Civil Case, Plantiff’s attorney’s client states, Love is just another Second Hand

Emotion, and the Defense’s attorney states, Love is much more than a Second Hand



From the Testimony of the Three Witnesses, and various ..

















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By: Heidy Ramos


Jesus, you’re my armour

Jesus, you’re my saviour

Jesus, you; lifted me higher

Jesus, you’re my King


I was in the tunnel

Of darkness

Beacon of light

Guided with your might


I was ill

And healed with your blood

I was filled with sorrow

I outpour it down

The river of hope

And filled me with joy


I was roaming on earth

Lost my direction

And you showed me the way


I was in the path

Of destruction

You mold me

Into a whole


I was driving

Around circles

You appease me in the center

Of your heart


I was broken

And out together

With your healing hands

Guided by your likeness

I am lifted higher



Jesus my Beloved


Jesus, my Beloved



Collective thought

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This is a collective thought of my daily thinking; I convey my daily emotions through words of wisdom.

A simple work of a person. Writing what’s in my mind is a helping tool to exercise the process of my Healing.

I write to heal.


It seems all the work need to be finished.

Remembering what is not significant.

Poundering what I didn't do.